Brittany Holidays

Brittany Holidays Attractions

Brittany Holidays attractions are enjoyed by people from everywhere. There are sights laid on essentially for tourists, but there are fewer contrived attractions aimed specially at summer visitors. Many, in fact, are for the local Breton population so the holidays months of July and August are stuffed with events.

Main categories are:-

Breton Music and Dancing, in the form of “fest noz” which are evening dances with food and drink. There are also “Noces Bretonnes” which are re-enactments of the traditional Breton wedding. Always good music, and sometimes blow out food. 17 courses at one “noce bretonne” that we went to. Also the Celtic festival at Lorient – this stops normal life in Lorient and is worth considering.

Modern music, locally at Missillac and La Roche Bernard. Chamber music at various venues. Look out for such events in the Ouest France events supplements for July and August.

Ballades and randonnees (organised country walks) on bikes and foot. Mainly for the locals.

Museums of all kinds. Submarines at St Nazaire; Jules Verne inspired automata and fairground rides at Nantes (“les Machines des iles”); jungle parks; open air zoo near Brabfere.



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