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Swimming close to the gites.

Swimming near the gites is very straightforward.

The closest swimming is in the Vilaine which looks a bit daunting but is actually quite pleasant. The bottom is firm mud and there is no current. It is a short walk away. One of our clients complained that we had kept its charms a secret, and she swam every day she was here at La Ruelmain.

Next is the Etang Aumee which is an attractive lake just east of Thehillac. It is a short car journey of about 5 miles. There is a sailing school there, opposite the bathing beach which is well maintained. The sand seems to be topped up from time to time; the sand gives a yellowish tinge to the water because of mica suspended in it (the yellow colour is not what you think !).

Another lake is at Kernevy, about 8 miles away near Missillac. It has been effectively banned for swimming for a few years, because of blue-green algal infection. This year it appears to be clear.

Sea bathing is possible at Damgan and Pen Lan 20 miles away, but we prefer the beaches at Penestin because they are free of seaweed, and much more spacious. They stretch from Lomer in the North and extend to the Pointe de Bil in the south. There are about 6 separate beaches in total