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French Cooking – creperie secrets

Crepes and Galettes originated in Brittany but have gone all over the world.  A friend started one in Mexico City and had to came back here to look after her mother.

It takes skill to make the pancakes thin enough but help is at hand with these creperie secrets.

Main Course.

Its got to be galettes, the savoury version of crepes, made with buckwheat flour, which is also known as “Sarrazin” and was presumably brought back from the Crusades. You can buy the galettes in packets in the supermarkets, folded in quarters or else loose, unfolded and often from near the meat counter. To cook them you need a frying pan or wok. You need to find the uncooked side and place that face down in the frying pan. When it shows sign of being warmed through add the fillings. “jambon oeuf, fromage” is a favourite and you can cook the egg on top of the ham before adding grated cheese. If the egg is not fully cooked with the yolk shining through the uncooked white, it is called “oeuf miroir”. Chopped mushrooms, smoked salmon (with a cream sauce on top) are good but you can get loads of ideas from your local creperies.

To serve the crepe fold the sides to the middle, making a square and slide it onto the plate. The picture show how it is done.


Its got to be crepes which are made with wheat flour, or froment. Same method as galettes but there is usually no obligation to cook the filling, simply heat it up. The simplest filling is butter, and sugar with lemon juice squirted over them. In this case melt the butter on the crepe, sprinkle on the sugar, squirt the lemon, fold and serve. The second of the creperie secrets is about the large range of prepared sauces –  Cassis (=blackcurrant), framboise (raspberry), and fraise (strawberry)  coulis available at supermarkets. And there’s chocolate, caramel sauce (“au sel de Guerande” – caramel made with  the local sea salt), and others. You may not need to have crepes more than once, but the sauces and coulis are excellent additions to fromage frais (which is like Greek yogurt) or plain yogurt.


The traditional drinks to go with crepes would be cider, or else a fermented milk called “le Lait Ribot”, which is almost fizzy, and very refreshing, Both served in bowls.


Free gardening Holiday

Free gardening Holidays ?  There must  be a catch. Well read on to find out.


We really do have something to offer for gardeners, and gardening/horticultural students – free gardening holidays in Brittany

We have three gites and four gardens, and we think them nicer than average, so our ambitions exceed the time allowed us.

So very simply: come and help us in exchange for free accommodation !

Our unfulfilled ambitions include the folowing

replace paving in the Hibiscus garden with marble chippings.
Improve and replace fencing.
installation of small garden pond.
fruit cage for protecting brassicas from insect pests.
Some small irrigation works in our potager.
Planting of low bushes or trees to form a second storey in our woodland garden
Skilled reshaping of our enormous cherry trees to bring fruiting to where we can get at the cherries.
Replace a polytunnel in a new location.
renovate a woodland garden…

….and so on.

We provide materials, tools and guidance.

A free gardening holiday ! Accommodation is free and you will only need to work half days or alternate days. Minimum period of stay for one of our gardening holidays is one week. Some gardening knowledge is required as well as a liking for naturalistic gardens (the English style)…

..and by the way there only has to be one gardener in the party. Other family members or friends have a free ride and are allowed/encouraged to have as much fun as possible.

Euro hits a nine year low.

Great time for Brits to holiday in Brittany, as pound hits 2-year high against the British Pound and a nine year low against currencies as a whole

Been thinking about renting a holiday gite in Brittany? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that it will now set you back less, because the pound has strengthened significantly versus the euro. In fact, sterling recently reached its highest against the common currency in 28 months, or since July 2012, at 1.2867.

What does this mean for you exactly? Well, when you exchange currencies to rent a gite in Brittany in La Ruelmain, you’ll now receive significantly more euros than any time in the recent past. The gites at La Ruelmain are priced in euros, even though returnable deposits are in pounds. For example, let’s say you need to exchange £1,250 into euros. Thanks to the strong pound, you’ll now get +€180 more than back in March 2013, 18 months ago, when sterling was far weaker!

Why has the pound risen? Well, first, it’s because the UK economy is on a roll. Britain is forecast to expand +3.0% in 2014, more than any other major country. Second, it’s because the Eurozone is still struggling to recover from the financial crisis, six years on. The common currency bloc faces both stagnation, and deflation.

With all this in mind, renting a holiday gite in Brittany is now far more affordable, as the pound flies high versus the euro!

By Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange broker Pure FX. For free expert currency advice when you rent a gite in La Ruelmain, call me on +44 (0) 1494 671800 or email