Sailing Holidays

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View of the rock after which La Roche is named from summer moorings near the old port.
Sailing holidays are a prime attraction and industry in South Brittany. La Roche Bernard is a major centre with five areas of moorings, one of which is a dry land facility on high ground north of La Roche. The Vilaine has been a non-tidal estuary since a barrage was built at Arzal (where there even more moorings). Upstream there is a smaller marina at Port de Folleux straddling the Vilaine, then another at Rieux and finally one in Redon. where canal boats are also moored.

The objective of most people on a sailing holiday is to clear the barrage at Arzal (5 miles from La Roche) and head out to the islands (Houedic, Belle Isle etc) to the Golfe du Morbihan, to southern France, Spain etc. Boats can also clear the River Vilaine and take the canal to Dinant but that is a specialist thing not available to most boat owners.

Permanent moorings.

There are long waiting lists and the best hope at the moment is temporary moorings in the summer with a dry land berth in the winter.

Brittany Gites at La Ruelmain.

Our gites are convenient for boat owners who are out for maintenance in the spring and autumn, because they are close, available all year, even warm in winter and bookable for a few days at a time. Boat owners we love you ! We don’t see you when you’re out on your summer sailing holidays and we don’t don’t see much of you when you’re working on your boats but we do like seeing to your needs.



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